Biobridges project

BIOBRIDGES project was conceived to tackle the key challenge of improving the marketability of bio-based products (BBPs) by fostering close cooperation and partnerships among bio-based industries, brand owners and consumers’ representatives.

BRANDS, BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES and CONSUMERS have a key role shaping the FUTURE towards a more sustainable and greener European economy.


The PRODUCTION, SALE and USE of sustainable bio-based products, replacing everyday’ s fossil-based products, have a great potential to decrease the pressure on our environment, create jobs and boost the economy.


Biobridges project CONNECTS, FACILITATES and SUPPORTS the collaboration among BRANDS, BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES and CONSUMERS aiming to improve the marketability and market acceptance of bio-based products (BBPs).


The Project also stimulates and supports the active engagement and interaction of other stakeholders relevant on promoting the bio-economy such as policy makers, public authorities, clusters, CSOs, NGOs, researchers, associations, local communities… aiming at improving market acceptance of bio-based products.

Main ACTIVITIES of the project:

  • Identify the main challenges, barriers, drivers for the cooperation among bio-based industries, brands and consumers, through detailed literature reviews, interviews and focus group.
  • Create a multi-stakeholder community and stimulate the dialogue through innovative co-creation and mutual-learning actions and events.
  • Set up an Advisory Board and a pool of Ambassadors, to support the project with relevant insights and raising the interest towards bio-economy.
  • Run effective communication and co-creation activities like videos and serious games, to increase and improve consumers’ awareness, confidence and trust on the benefits of BBPs compared to the fossil-based counterparts.
  • Organise policy debates at local and regional level to discuss the pros and cons of bio-based products and processes and how these could be addressed by policies in the context of regional bio-economy strategies.

EXPECTED RESULTS of the project that you should stay tuned for:

  • GOOD PRACTICES on collaborative cross-cutting interconnections with illustrative examples that provide valuable insights to bio-based industries, brands owners and other stakeholders, about the factors influencing successful collaborations.
  • Evidence-informed, value-driven and socially robust PROCEDURES and KNOW-HOW easy to be adopted and replicated by relevant stakeholders to create new cross-sector interconnection in bio-based economy clusters.
  • An ACTION PLAN with guidelines and recommendations for raising consumers’ awareness of sustainability as well as the benefits and opportunities of BBPs.
  • The identification of those bio-economy sectors’ enabling most profitable cooperation and a set of RECOMMENDATIONS about creating new value chains and better target existing value chains.
  • Ultimately, through the co-creation activities, best practices and recommendations deriving from the project, BIOBRIDGES aims to establish at least TWO NEW CROSS-SECTOR INTERCONNECTIONS in bio-based economy clusters.

If you are motivated to contribute fostering the bio-economy in Europe (i.e. policy maker, public authorities, clusters, CSOs, NGOs, researchers, associations, local communities, BBI-JU or Horizon2020 project, etc…) you should learn about the 8 BENETIFS of getting involved in Biobridges' community and activities: 

1. Increase the visibility of your organisation: 

Your logo and website will be added in a dedicated section of our website.

2. Strengthen your online presence on social media: 

As our collaborator, we will echo your thoughts and boost your posts on our social media channels.

3. Co-organise with us an event in your country: 

If you are organising an event related to BIOBRIDGES’ scope, we can support your event, by presenting relevant results (speakers), sponsoring or providing useful materials.

4. Participate in BIOBRIDGES co-creation events

Participate as a speaker or guest in our regional, national and European events, where Bio-Based Industries, Brand owners and Consumer representatives will be brought together.

5. Appear in our promotional videos

If your organisation revealed to have best practices (i.e. cross-cutting collaborations in the bio-economy sector) or interesting case studies, you can be included in a series of promotional videos.

6. Be a member of BIOBRIDGES Advisory Board

You will be an official advisor of our project, supporting us to its success. Based on your availability you may be invited to participate in Focus Group events to assess our outputs. Your image, short CV and contact will be displayed on our website, after acquiring your consent.

7. Become a BIOBRIDGES’ Ambassador: 

You can be a motivated spokesperson in our videos, events and materials, promoting the bio-economy and raising interests towards the benefits of sustainable bio-based products.

8. Join the BIOWATCH platform developed by the BIOWAYS project: 

If you do research or have a project related to bio-economy, you can join the platform and promote your results and connect to colleagues/projects all over Europe. (ACCESS HERE)

The BENEFITS for BRANDS, BIO-BASED INDUSTRIES and CONSUMERS, from collaborating in Biobridges, are:

Brand owner or representive:

  • Be aware of existing bio-based products and producers
  • Differentiate your brand adopting more sustainable bio-based products and solutions
  • Create a core competency, supplying sustainable cost-effective products
  • Offer unique selling propositions to your customers 

Bio-based industry:

  • Understand the best channels and arguments to approach Brand Owners and Retailers
  • Promote your bio-based solutions and products
  • Create opportunities for sustainable bio-based applications
  • Increase your market opportunities

Consumers’ representative:

  • Make your preferences and concerns heard
  • Become an active player supporting the cultural shift towards sustainability
  • Take part in environmental decision contributing to a more sustainable development

BIOBRIDGES is a project funded by the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking Programme under the European´s union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project is composed by a multidisciplinary consortium of 9 partners, it started on September 2018 and has a duration of 24 months.


Meet our BioHeroes!

The BioHeroes constitute a community of people, acting as "ambassadors" or "influencers" for the project, with very good communication and dissemination skills or/and persons with influence in the sector, motivated to raise awareness about bio-based products and consider bioeconomy as possible alternative economic model

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Biobridges' BioHeroes
Advisory board

The Advisory Board (AB) is a consultation mechanism of the project formed by external experts active in various fields of bioeconomy, committed to improve the collaboration among all actors in the value chain to enhance the development and eventually marketability of bio-based products.

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Advisory Board Members


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