BioHeroes, helping us to disseminate bioeconomy

We have seen the necessity to use simple, concrete, applicable in real life messages, and also based on solid scientific background and counted by trustable people to disseminate bioeconomy, and this is the action what our Bioheroes are doing.

Do you would like to know the activities that we are doing with our BioHeroes?

  •  Informing: mainly through social networks, webpage and newsletter focused on informing about the project, how to be a Bioheroe and create awareness on bio-based products.
  • Consulting: we involved our Bioheroes to participate in factheets and informative materials to enrich outcomes of the project, to create explicable, understandable and ready-to-use materials for our communication campaigns and giving us their experience about formats and good practices to inspire our communication campaigns.
  • Collaborating: we started including messages and information to our BioHeroes in social media in order to generate a collaborative ecosystem where BioHeroes could feel comfortable to disseminate the information.

We invited them to participate in our workshops, events, fairs regarding bioeconomy.

We did 5 interviews with our Bioheroes and they explained to us how is their sustainable lifes, why the bioeconomy is important, what kind of bioproducts they are using, in which projects they are working, etc.

And finally we sent all the information of the project that we would like to disseminate through their contacts and networks such as the video created of Biobased day in different language, consumers survey and the Bridge2Brands Initiatives with Portal and Gamble and FCA group, etc.

  • Empowering: we let to our Bioheroes to spread our and their own messages about bioeconomy, and biobased products, so at the end we have 27 multipliers who can disseminate 27 more times the messages through 9 countries and with an audience around 30.000 people.

The results achieved with this action were:

  • 28 BioHeroes
  • Social media
    - 26 posts, 405 likes, 5864 impressions and 38 shares on Facebook
    - 19 posts, 166 likes, 2776 impressions and 21 shares on LinkedIn
    - 27 posts, 355 likes, 46964 impressions and 127 shares on Twitter
    - 29 posts, 300 likes, 1969 impressions on Instagram

Change the behaviour of the society knowing more about bioeconomy and being more sustainable.

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