Achievements and the added-value created by the BIOBRIDGES Advisory Board and Ambassadors (Bioheroes)

Bioeconomy is too abstract, complex, and not easy to understand. Lack of awareness can inhibit the understanding of the need for action, the choices available and the ability to collaborate with other stakeholders in the value chain. It, therefore, influences the choices made and the success of outcomes. In contrast, improved public/stakeholder awareness can trigger the uptake of initiatives and products and the support for collaborative action, but also the messages launched to the general public have to be done by people with credibility, so researchers and experts are usually the most trusted source. Finally, increased awareness can be both a tool and an end-point in and of itself: achieving and maintaining a good level of awareness raising and demonstration activities in relation to bioeconomy is an environmentally and socially beneficial outcome in its own right. One of the key elements in awareness-raising is the role of networks, engaging different actors to connect and develop together.

For that reason, to raise awareness of bioeconomy it is important to have external experts who can act as:

  • “Project consultants” contributing to the identification of the barriers and opportunities that exist in the bio-based products’ market, the formulation of key messages and in decision-making;
  • “Project active observers” by notifying of any new initiatives and making suggestions; and
  • “Project Bioheroes” by keeping their various networks informed of bioeconomy in general and the project activities, events and outcomes as well.

This is precisely the aim of this Task (3.3), the objective of which is to create a community of (external to the consortium) experts, who are motivated to support EU-funded activities in the field of bioeconomy towards improving the commercial environment for bio-based products acting as project consultants, project observers and ambassadors.
This deliverable aims to present the work carried out in the state of play under WP3. (Bridging Consumers, Brands and Bio Based Industry). It includes:

  • Creation of the Advisory Board and Ambassadors Network
  • Involvement and activities of Advisory Board within Biobridges project
  • Involvement of Ambassadors within Biobridges project
  • Conclusions

The present task is tightly related to WP2 (Cross-sector cooperation framework assessment-challenges and good practices) which aimed at identifying people from interviews and Focus Group meetings to be part of Advisory Board and Ambassadors Community, WP5 (B2B/B2C co-creation events: engagement and dialogue in action), and WP7 (Project dissemination, Exploitation and Sustainability) involving both Communities in the participation and dissemination of the events and identification of new participants.


All the images developed for the #BioHeroes social media campaign can be accessed HERE.

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